Preservation of Nations

The project focus for 'The Preservation of Nations' is to take action against the spread of alcoholism and drug addiction in Russia.

Within the framework of this project, CIF has developed programs and practical measures related to the prevention of disease and the preservation of public health, promotion of healthy lifestyles, physical education and sports. One of the fundamental ways in which basic socially acceptable leisure culture will be created is the construction of an «Athletic Pavilion»- a year-round, extra-durable, easy-to-build module, which lends itself to engage in a wide variety of fitness exercises.

CIF is also developing a Russian Anti-Alcohol Program, which includes attainable goals for developing a government program around this issue, and encompasses the following strategies:

Education about and prevention of alcohol addiction;

The promotion of public physical education and healthy lifestyles;

Improvement of the infrastructure of anti-drug treatment, taking into account international experience and the highest international standards;

Government support for the development of a grassroots anti-alcohol movement;

Economic stimulus for organizations supporting adult and youth anti-alcohol campaigns.

The next step of the project will be to develop a multifaceted program for preventing and overcoming drug addiction.

His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All of Russia Kirill blessed the implementation of the project «The Preservation of Nations» on the February 15th, 2010.